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I will be facebook ads campaign manager, run shopify fb ads campaign or fb marketing


Concerning This Position
Hello there, Business Owners.

Have you ever wondered how to create a professional and successful Shopify Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign?

It is an excellent time to expand your e-commerce business through a Shopify Facebook ads campaign or fb marketing.

As a full-time Digital Marketing expert, I have three years of experience. I specialise in Shopify Facebook Ads campaign and Instagram Ads campaign management.

My primary goal is to help you grow your E-commerce and Drop-shipping business by applying my marketing knowledge.

Advertising Experience:

Shopify Manager of Facebook Ads Campaigns and Instagram Ads Campaigns

Investigate and follow the rule

iOS14 Event Domain Verification and Setup

Create a Facebook Business page.

Pixel and event installation

Audience Research, Demographics, and Interests and Behaviors

Retargeting and Lookalike Audience

Ad copywriting

Ads Management based on Package

Ad Type:

Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Brand Awareness

Website Traffic/Link Click

Conversion Ads/ Traffic for Shopify Facebook Ads or any eCommerce Website

Event Promotion

After the Engagement

Page Likes and Video Views

And any further…

Please read the FAQ or check your inbox before placing an order so that I can better understand your needs.