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I will be your 1 on 1 facebook ads coach


About This Job
Do you want to start a new Facebook campaign?
Understanding the best practises for setting up Facebook ads positions your company for success. This package is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that need a Facebook ads consultant to help identify gaps that can quickly improve their performance.

When you schedule a consultation with me, I’ll be able to provide you with an overview of Facebook Ads and how to succeed on this platform.

Understanding how advertisements are structured will allow you to run campaigns on your own.

How to find winning target audiences and drive high-quality traffic to your website

A/B Trying out different variations to get the most bang for your buck

Setting up Website and Event Tracking so you can see how your customers are using your website

Creating an ad budget to ensure that your resources are channelled effectively

Suggestions for your own ad account
What exactly are you waiting for? Let us collaborate to help your company earn more money online. ORDER NOW!

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