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I will create, run and manage tiktok ads campaign, tik tok ads, tiktok advertising


About This Job Run a TikTok Ads campaign to promote your business to a specific audience.

Your ads should be live within 24 hours.
Owners of E-Commerce and Dropshipping Businesses

Dropshipping and other ecommerce businesses are increasingly focusing on Tik Tok advertising. I will maximise your profits by implementing various marketing plans and strategies for your Drop Shipping, F-commerce, e-commerce, and other businesses.


I run Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and much more. Because Tik Tok is growing so quickly, most businesses are switching to TikTok ads.

My services include:
TikTok Ads should be researched and created.

Ads/Ad Sets Management

Tiktok Pixel should be installed.

Video ad design

Ad headline that is appealing

Run Tiktok advertisements

Make changes to advertisements for better results.

Provide you with the best marketing strategy/report.

Why you NEED to run Tik Tok ads:

Marketing Channel That Is Predictable

Reduces the cost of advertising

Predictability of growth is extremely high.

More likely to go viral.

Tik Tok has an early bird opportunity.

Languages freelancer can speak