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I will do facebook ads retargeting or remarketing


About This Job
I am an EXPERT at Facebook ad retargeting and remarketing campaigns.
My background
I work as a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist. I will offer you expert Facebook ad retargeting or remarketing services. I will manage your ad campaigns as your ad campaign manager.

My primary goal is to help your company grow through my work.

What I will do for you is as follows:

Create retargeting or remarketing campaigns on Facebook.

Research, Planning, and Strategy

Create and Configure a Facebook Business Page

Setup Facebook Pixel

Pixel should be installed on a website.

Demographic, Interest, and Behavior Audience Research

Make your own and lookalike audiences.

Ad text that is responsive and includes a description

Package-based ad management

Make your own conversions.

Advertisement Campaign Goals

Website Visits/Clicks

Ads That Convert

Encourage Facebook Page Likes

Following the Engagement

View the video

generating leads

Brand recognition

campaign of retargeting or remarketing

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Trusted Seller!

Buyer is responsible for the ad cost. My ambition is to run highly effective retargeting or remarketing campaigns. I can guarantee traffic but not sales or leads.

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