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I will do google index your website fix index coverage errors and robots txt issue fix


About This Position:

>>Our REVIEWS define who we are. I value every review from one of my customers.
I will install Google Search Console, create a sitemap xml, connect to Google Analytics, and fix errors such as Discovered – currently not indexed, crawled – currently not indexed, and all AMP, Schema, 503, 500, 404 errors, among others. WordPress and any other type of website.

I am aware of the best achieve an outcome that can assist you in ranking higher. I hope you will find me to be the best and most professional person to work with.
I correct all Google Search Console and technical SEO errors.

My Service Specializations:
make a Google index

Repair sitemap errors

Robots.txt has blocked the submitted URL.

Two queries URL was submitted.

The URL provided appears to be a Soft 404.

The submitted URL was not found (404)

Subpage Obsolete

Backlinks should be removed.

Resolve Sitemap warnings

Crawl Rate Modification

Errors in the Product and Snippet

The Breadcrumb Problem

Errors in indexing

CLS page speed

The Yoast plugin

Implementation of a Schema

Why Me?

Complete satisfaction

Delivery on Time

After-Sales Support for One Month

24 Hour Customer Service

You can always contact me if you have multiple errors on your website and need to fix the Google index.

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