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I will do setup and manage your facebook and instagram ads campaign for your business


About This Job
Hello and thank you for visiting my Social Media Ads Analytics Services.
Dear Customers,

Please call me before placing an order.

Social Ads are a great way for any company or brand to reach out to their target audience quickly.

With three years of certified experience as a social media and Google PPC trainer.

If you are looking for an expert to hire for your company, you have come to the right place!!
My service areas include:

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Instagram Marketing Campaign

Shopify Promotion

Pixel Configuration

Update for iOS-14.5

Setup of Dynamic Events

Lead Event Planning

Retargeting Customers

Configuration of API Conversion

Tracking on the Server

View Video Ads

Set of Multiple Ads

Tag Manager by Google

Analytics by Google

Setup of a Zapp account with a Facebook lead event

Domain Validation

Why do you collaborate with me?

I will provide you with technical support for 7 days following the completion of the gig.

Proven outcome

Excellent ROAS

Excellent return on investment

Market Analysis

My Professional Background:

Shipping by Drop



Side of e-commerce

Real Estate Industry

Product for Health

Product of Food

Clothing and Beauty

Local Businesses and a lot more.

Affiliate Marketing Product

Ali Expedited



Thank you very much.

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