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I will do speed up wordpress speed optimization, google page speed


About This Job
If you want WordPress Speed Optimization using advanced techniques, I am the person to call. Google will prefer websites that load quickly.

Before placing an order, please send me a message so that I can evaluate your website.

Why did you choose me?

I will perform server-level optimization so that the blog website will always be faster.

Optimize your hosting server as much as possible.

I will give you a guideline to follow in order to keep the speed up.

I will suggest the Best Hosting for WordPress Speed Optimization.

The Service I Provide on this Gig

Before beginning work, make a complete backup of your website.

Core Word press Performance Optimization

Reduce the time it takes for the server to respond.

Reduce the number of HTTP requests.

Gzip compression and browser caching are recommended.

Combine all CSS files into one and minify them all

Optimize all JS to improve page speed

Image optimization and resizing

Delete old databases

Delete the render Blocking resource

Lazy loading images/iframes/youtube videos speeds up the page.

CDN CloudFlare Install and improve website security with the Advanced Optimization package.

Gtmetrix, pingdom tools, Google Page Speed Insights, and web page test are some speed optimization tools.

do speed up wordpress speed optimization, google page speed

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