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I will do speed up wordpress website optimization and google core web vitals


About This Job

we provide Full Stack WordPress Developer with over 5 years of industry experience.
In this GIG, I will optimise WordPress website speed and fix CORE WEB VITALS.

Google has announced that CORE WEB VITALS will be the most important ranking factor beginning in May 2021. I’ll resolve Google Page Speed Insights Core Web Vitals issues and get you a Green Score for
LCP (Largest Content Paint)
CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)
FID (First Input Delay)
WordPress Website Performance Optimization
Web vitals Enhancement
Google Page Speed Indications
GT Mertix is a trademark.
Recommendations for plugins
Configuration of Cloud flare
Image enhancement
Speed of Mobile
Remove render-blocking resources
Unused CSS should be removed.
Unused JavaScript should be removed.
Minimize, JS, HTML, and CSS
as well as technical SEO fixes required to resolve Google issues in Search Console ( Webmaster tools )
Please contact me to begin working. I will respond within one hour!
100 percent approval
Guaranteed money back
100 percent purchaser

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