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I will do wordpress speed optimization and improve wordpress page speed


About This Position
Increased loading speed

Enhanced User Experience

decreased bounce rate

Effective conversion rate

Excellent search engine positioning

raises sales ( E-Commerce Website )Unlike many of our competitors, we do not simply install plugins to mask problems.

How will I speed up your WordPress site?
I will do the following:

Minimize your JS, HTML, and CSS.

All images must be compressed.

Install and configure a caching plugin.

Image Improvement

Enable the Image Lazy Load feature.

Web caching should be enabled.

Cleaning Up

Fill in the missing Image Dimensions

Turn on WordPress Embeds.

Preload Cache must be enabled.

Preload Links must be enabled.

DNS Requests Prefetch

Preload Fonts

CDN installation

Redirects should be minimised.

Unnecessary files that slow down your site should be removed.

Reducing the total number of requests.

Keep bad requests and landing page redirects to a minimum.

Bugs must be fixed.
What you will get after the optimization:

Your Rocket-powered website has a load time of 2 seconds.

Send reports before and after Gtmetrix and Google Page Speed

The website will load much faster.

Why Me..?

Positive Comments

Quick Reaction (less than 10 min)

Rapid Delivery

Revisions are unrestricted.

Complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

Return Policy

Please contact me prior to placing an order.

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