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I will do wordpress speed optimization, increase page speed, website speed up


About This Job
You’ve arrived because you require WordPress speed optimization for your website. We are a WordPress development and SEO team with years of experience.
Over the years, our team has optimised a wide range of websites for a variety of clients. We are now offering our services on Fiverr; your orders will be greatly appreciated!

We offer an advanced WordPress speed optimization solution that allows you to fix Core Web Vitals and increase page speed without affecting the layout or functionality of your website.
Example of Work: (run the test twice)
Package Specifications:
We will take every necessary step to achieve the fastest possible speed, in accordance with the most recent and best practises. Please contact me for more information and work samples.
Please keep in mind:
WordPress Speed Optimization that is Deep and Permanent

Maximum Possible Points

quickest loading

There will be no hidden subscriptions; if there are, we will request permission.

UX and Core Web Vitals have been improved.

The mobile score is determined by the size of the website and the use of functions/scripts.

Our prices are very standard and may vary depending on the website.



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