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I will do youtube video promotion with google ads


Concerning This Position
Do you want to promote a YouTube video using Google Ads?

I’m a GOOGLE LLC Certified & Award Winning Digital Marketer with over 5 years of experience in video marketing and promotion.
I will do niche targeted Google Ads advertising in accordance with YT’s terms and conditions

This service is only for promoting your YouTube video to the right targeted global audience.

My Approach:

This service is best suited for the following methods and techniques that I will employ for your videos

Google AdWords

PPC ads (Google ads) for posts containing your YouTube video link.

Advertisements on Social Media

. People are drawn to your video by social media posts and social advertisements.

Expected Outcome:

This service will assist you in increasing the visibility of your video
Why should you pick me:

The rankings will be improved.

Global Reach

Visitors who are one-of-a-kind

Boost will have a good audience retention.

Availability round the clock.

If you have any Custom Requests, please contact me!

Drugs, gambling, and explicit content are not permitted!

We do not guarantee or guarantee a specific number of views or anything else because it is against the terms of service of YT and Fiverr.

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