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I will fix any kind of wordpress errors or bugs within 3 hours


About This Job

Do your WordPress sites have a bug or a critical error
I’ll fix any errors such as:
Resolve the internal server error

Correct the syntax error

Resolve the database connection error

Resolve the WordPress white screen of death

Resolve the 404 error in WordPress posts

Correct the sidebar error below the content.

In the visual editor, correct white text and missing buttons.

Resolve Page Builder Issues

Increase the PHP memory limit to fix the WordPress memory exhausted error.

Resolve the WordPress login page refreshing/redirecting problem

Resolve the image upload problem

Resolve common image problems

Resolve the “Are you sure you want to do this?” error

Fix a brief outage due to scheduled maintenance.

Resolve the WordPress email not being sent problem

Resolve WordPress RSS feed errors

Resolve the 403 forbidden error

Resolve the “too many redirects” error

“Upload: failed to write file to disc” is now fixed. error

Repair the error “This site ahead contains harmful programmes.”

Resolve the scheduled post error

Correct a fatal error: Maximum execution time has been exceeded.

Error in the theme

Plugin Error Repair

Please contact me prior to placing your order.
Guaranteed money-back guarantee
Accepting Unlimited Revisions Until Satisfaction


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