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I will increase wordpress, speed up your wordpress website


About This Job

I am a WordPress Speed Optimization Specialist . A slow WordPress site is detrimental to your business. Users and customers will abandon your website if it is too slow. This translates into lower conversion rates and less money.
My WordPress Speed Optimization Services allow you to provide the best user experience possible.

This service includes the following components:

» WordPress core website speed optimization

» Activating Website Page Caching

» Turning on Browser Caching

» Activating GZip Compression

» Minification of HTML, CSS, and JS

» Manually Combining JS and CSS (May not work on all websites)

» Postpone Parsing of Potential JavaScript Files

» Image Enhancement

» accelerate WordPress

» Query String Removal

» Enabling Keep-Alive and Changing PHP Headers

» Troubleshooting Bad Requests

» Setting Up ETags

» Reducing the total number of requests

Caching of Databases and Objects (Only on VPS & Dedicated Servers)

»promotes positive or nginx.conf file optimization

» Constructing a Content Delivery Network (Optional)

Please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns about this.


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