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I will install facebook pixel fix IOS 14 error with conversion API


About This Job
Install Facebook Pixel, Fix iOS 14 Error, and Conversion API are all part of this gig

I will repair or set up Facebook Pixel event tracking on your website. The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that tracks the actions of website visitors to determine the effectiveness of advertising.

Advantages of Facebook Pixel:

Recognize the Behavior of Website Visitors

Create Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Using Catalog, create Dynamic Remarketing Ads.

Enable ROAS Bidding Automatically

Analyze the Performance of Facebook Ads

Pixel error following iOS 14 and the Conversion API:

Facebook Pixel event tracking becomes less effective after the iOS 14 update. Pixel cannot receive events when a visitor uses an iOS 14 device.

If you don’t set up another tracking option right away, Pixel event tracking will suffer. Setting up a Conversion API is the solution to that problem.

I offer the following services:

Using GTM to Install Pixels

Dynamically configure Standard and Custom Events

Domain Validation

IOS 14 Update Fix Pixel Errors (Aggregated event measurement)

Configure the Conversation API (Partner or Manual-Server instigation)

Platforms on which I work:




Please contact me and read the FAQs before placing an order.

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