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I will optimize wordpress website speed with litespeed cache


About This Job
Are you using a Lite Speed Web Server but still experiencing slow website performance? Is Testing producing poor results? Take a seat, because you’ve come to the right place!

Lite Speed Web Server recommends Lite Speed Cache, and the Lite Speed Premium Setup will undoubtedly increase the website speed of your WordPress website with SEO.

I am an expert in enhancing WordPress website speed with Lite Speed cache! Please contact me as soon as possible to find out why your website isn’t loading quickly.
Steps for Improving Website Speed:

Transfer unused CSS

Google fonts should be enhanced.

Setup of CDN integration*

Domain Key for Point – to – point Cloud

Set the IP address of the Direct Load Server.

Data compression compression should be enabled.

Cleanup of Database Garbage

Preloading the page link configuration

Asynchronous resources are preferred.

Minify Html, CSS, and Javascript

Media Lazyload, Placeholder Setup

Improve HTTP/HTTPS Compatibility

Remove render-blocking resources.

WordPress themes and plugins update

Image Optimization with Server Cache

Setup of Local Cache, Object Cache, and Browser Cache

All of these WordPress Optimization services for Server Hosted Sites are only available through Fiverr!

Grab the Offer Now to Optimize WordPress Site Speed with Server Cache and Make Website speed Lightning Fast.

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