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I will run facebook, instagram ads campaign, marketing, promotion, setup pixel and shop


About This Job
Welcome to the Facebook Ads Campaign, Pixel, and Shop Gig.

Do you want to expand your online store using Facebook and Instagram ads? If you answered yes, this service is only for you to help you grow your online business store.

Hello, I am a seasoned Ads Expert. I know how to get your company in front of a targeted, real, and active audience. Also, understand how to expand your business and remarket to your target audience.
Furthermore, I will advise you on how to improve your business in order to attract more customers. Also, we will provide you with a Job Plan that will assist you in properly growing your business.
What I will give you:

Determine the Primary Business Goal

Research on a Specific Audience

Interests in research, demographics, and behaviours

Make a Core Audience

Create a Specific Audience

Campaign for Similar Ads

Ads with High Conversion Rates

Core Audience Remarketing
My Special Service Promotion:
Ads of all kinds are displayed.

Pixel Configuration

Setup of a Shop

Product Labeling

Setup an Event

Catalogue Purchases

Dynamic Advertising

Bid Strategy for a Campaign

Languages freelancer can speak