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I will set up and manage your facebook and instagram ads campaign, fb advertising


About This Position

Are you looking for someone to help you grow your business quickly using Facebook and Instagram ads? You’ve arrived at the right place.

Nowadays, Facebook ads and Instagram ads are the most popular ways to quickly grow your business. Facebook and Instagram Are the Most Effective Social Media Platforms for Increasing Your Business’s Traffic, Leads, and Sales.

I am a Marketing Media Buyer Professional. I have over 4 years of marketing experience with Facebook and Instagram ads. I will set up and manage your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns for your online business.

‘I will do for your company’

Create a Facebook ad campaign and an Instagram ad.

Deep Audience Research and Strategy Planning

Create and configure a Facebook business page

Setup a Facebook pixel and an event

Domain Verification and IOS 14 Compatibility

Create the best ad copy and description.

Make your own and lookalike audiences.

Ad management is dependent on the package.

I can create any type of advertisement campaign.

Brand Awareness is used to promote a brand.

Increasing Website Traffic

After Engagement

Obtain a video view

More Massage Ads

Sale of Conversion Ads

Old Customer Retargeting Ads

Promotion of an Event

Languages freelancer can speak