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I will set up facebook and instagram ads for leads and sales


Concerning This Position
Are you looking for a Marketer with EXTREMELY LARGE EXPERIENCE?
Working with over 2000 Small Businesses gives me a competitive advantage. I’ve seen almost everything, and I’d love to help you grow your business and revenue with Facebook and Instagram ads!

This gig will provide you with the following benefits:

Ad account audit – I will investigate your previous activity and conduct a thorough ad account audit to identify areas for improvement.

Extensive audience research – this is the most important and my primary focus. I will use advanced methods to research the best keywords and target your ideal customer. * (1500+ satisfied clients)

Ad creation – I will use your best images/videos or provide alternative stock images and write outstanding copy that speaks to your target audience.

Please contact me before ordering to discuss your specific needs and goals for your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Order now to boost your online presence!

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