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I will setup social media ads


About This Job
Welcome to my job.
Are you looking for someone to design targeted, high-converting Facebook ad campaigns? Are you looking for a professional ad manager? Then you’ve come to the right place.  I am your Facebook ad campaign manager and social media marketing manager.

My experience in social media marketing will assist you in increasing conversions through ads to help your business grow. So, if you want to expand your business, place your order today and experience the difference. My ultimate goal is to achieve customer satisfaction.
I offer the following services to you:

Make a business page.

Promote and publicise the page.

Account creation in Ads Manager.

Pixel arrangement

Make, configure, and run a Facebook advertising campaign.

Audiences to target with (Demographic, Interest & Behaviors).

Facebook advertising

I can set up and manage the following Facebook ad campaigns:

Website Visits

Following the Engagement

Installing an App

Views of videos

generating leads



Catalog purchase

generating leads

Why did you pick me:

Work of high quality

Quick Delivery

Available around the clock

Please contact me to discuss your needs before placing an order.

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