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I will speed up wordpress website and performance


About This Job
Hi, Is your website taking more than three seconds to load and has a low Page Speed Score? Did you know that slow-loading web pages result in disgruntled users and lost visitors? If you want more visitors and conversions, your site should load in 1 to 3 seconds because Google views websites that load quickly. Hire me today and I will improve your website’s overall performance, loading time (1 to 3 seconds), and page Speed score to A+.
All of these problems will be resolved by me.
Remove all render-blocking resources.
Unused CSS should be deferred.
Database enhancement.

Image optimization

Defer JavaScript parsing.

Utilize the browsing cache.

JavaScript should be compressed.

Integration of a CDN.

Avoid bad requests and landing page redirects.

HTML and CSS files should be compressed.

WordPress database optimization.

Before any changes are made, a free backup is taken.

I will send you Gt matrix website performance reports. The entire procedure will be completed in a professional and efficient manner without disrupting the website.
Before placing your order, please CONTACT ME. My goal is complete customer satisfaction!

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