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I will supercharge your website performance


supercharge your website performance

About This Job
One of the main reasons visitors leave and do not return is a poorly performing website! Some people interpret this as a sign of a careless owner or a business that may not even be genuine.

Google ranks pages and their visibility based on the performance of the website and the quality of the content. Google will reduce your visibility further down the list if your page takes too long to load or is buggy

Are you losing valuable traffic as a result of slow speeds?
What to anticipate:

Manual work tailored to your specifications to ensure the best possible outcome
The performance of a GRADE code.

Increased traffic from Google and other search engines.

Complete reports are provided (incl. GTMetrix, Google Page Speed, Pingdom)

The pass failed. Google Core Web Essentials
Services provided:

Cache Enable and Configuration

CSS Minification & Combination

CSS delivery should be improved.

JavaScript files should be minified and combined.

Deferred JavaScript loading

Delay the execution of JavaScript

Optimization of Images, Files, and Videos

Cache Preload, Links, and Fonts

DNS Prefetch Requests

Customized Advanced Rules

Optimize Your Database and Reduce Bloat

CDN Configuration

Heartbeat Control

Lazy Loading Advancement

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a complimentary analysis!

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