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Page 1 KILLER Keywords- Now Includes FREE content for your keywords for $97


NEW! Included is 1x FREE 600-word custom content written for the best keyword I find for you!
Rankings that haven’t changed? SEO not working? Are your links not working properly? I can assist you…


Are your keywords failing to rank in the SERPS despite “strong backlinks” and “excellent SEO”?


Perhaps you’ve seen other people get AMAZING results with the SAME backlinks service you used, but you’re still sitting on the sidelines, wondering why you’re constantly disappointed.


If this sounds familiar, don’t worry; I’ll explain how to fix it further down this page…

Continue reading to learn more…
But first, let me introduce myself.
My name is Barry A. Page, and I’m an ex-schoolteacher turned full-time SEO and Seoclerks’ all-time best seller!
I’ve been working with Seoclerks customers on a daily basis for the last 7 years.
They come to me with common issues such as:
“What should I do, Barry, because my rankings aren’t moving?”
“I’ve tried everything, Barry, and I still can’t rank my keywords.”
Worst of all..
“Barry, I’m spending a fortune on backlinks and I’m still not on page one…help!
Keywords do not rank 90% of the time due to one common cause:
It isn’t the links.
It is not the service provider’s fault.
It is not due to a lack of on-page SEO (although this is also quite common)
After working with thousands of people on Seoclerks, we’ve discovered that the most common reason for poor rankings is….
“SEO is made more difficult by poorly researched keywords.” Killer Keywords Makes SEO Ranking Simple!”
That’s great news, because you can do something about it!
Simply put, people on page one target thoroughly researched keywords that are easier and less expensive to rank for than the keywords you are currently targeting.
Targeting great keywords is a classic example of working smart rather than hard (the latter referring to poor keyword choices)
So, how do you choose good keywords?
Here are some of the methods I will use to find high search volume, low competition keywords for you (killer keywords):
Low competition and a high search volume to competition rat
Competitors’ domain ages
competitors’ pic relations
The page’s incoming link quality
The number of inbound links to the page and domain
Links in the second tier
Incoming link location and accessibility
Page 1 competition on-page optimization
Trends on Google
and much more
Here are some of the advantages of hiring me. Find and Research Killer Keywords in Your Niche
Rank higher and faster than ever before.
targeted organic traffic
Understand what you’re already ranking for.
Rank with fewer backlinks than
Finally, stop squandering money on SEO that yields no results!
This is what you will receive.
10+ Killer Keywords that will help you outrank your competitors and steal all of their traffic!
NEW! (Bonus) 1x 600 words of custom content written for the best keyword I discover for you.

Additional diamond keyword opportunities that you can steal from your competitors ethically
Actionable strategies for quickly ranking keywords
On request, you can get FREE unlimited keyword data.
An easy-to-understand SEO spreadsheet
Huge savings on link building service
and much more…
Here’s an example of what you’ll get…
Order this once, and you’ll never have to waste time looking for great keywords to target again.
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